Olverum has a long and interesting history that has led up to its current internationally renowned reputation. The House of Monchhof in Traben-Trarbach, West Germany, present home of Olverum Bath Oil, dates back to the mid-thirteenth century when it was a Monastery Farmhouse.

In order to be exempted from paying taxes, every morning one of the Monks from the Monastery had to make a long climb to the castle overlooking the Mosel Valley, home of the famous wine, to conduct early morning mass for the Count Sponheim-Starkenburg. To this day Olverum is known in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as “Fruhmesner”, German for “early mass priest”.

Franz O. Klein I, a wine merchant from the Mosel was in the habit of attending a Health Farm for a week or two every year during the late 1920’s, where he was give the very best treatment to keep him fit and healthy. He particularly liked the fragrance and feel of the pine needle oil they used to put in his bath water, and was very disappointed one year to find out it was no longer available.

He returned home, and as more of a hobby than anything else, Franz O. Klein I set about trying to produce a pine needle bath oil with medicinal qualities for himself. It was sometime between 1929 and 1930 that he stumbled across the solution and came up with a formula which remains largely unchanged even today.

His records show that the first batch of bath oil was only just over 7 liters, made on July 21st, 1931 and presented in bottles in wooden cases to his friends for Christmas. The gifts were indeed well received and in fact all his friends complained that the bath oil ran out by Easter and they wanted to use it all year round. So Franz O Klein began small scale production and began to sell the product in 1932, developing a home market and a mall export business, right up until 1943 when business was interrupted b the war.

On June 20th 1948, West Germany reorganized its currency with the introduction of the Deutschmark. Everyone started equally that day with the DM 40 and healthy trade recommenced. Old agents for the Bath Oil requested that production begin again in order for them to sell and increase their initial wealth. Some of the old stocks of essential oils remained, and the new money meant that raw materials could again be bought on the world market.

It was at that time that the present Franz O. Klein decided not to follow his father into the wine trade and instead channeled all his efforts and resources into “Frusmesner-Olverum”.

Today, Olverum has grown into an internationally recognizable name for excellence, quality and exclusivity. It offers the experience of a health spa in your own home and due such high demand, is finally making its way into the States. Now available to 50 states and 4 countries world wide, it will only continue to grow as the secret of Olverum Bath Oil spreads.